“Imagination governs the world.”

― Napoléon Bonaparte


 Private Party




Team building has never been more exciting and worthy!

Create a memorable experience worth remembering!

Great for networking, birthday celebration,  or Mommy and Me Playdates, !

Raise awareness for your favorite cause!


* Ideal for groups of 15 to 30.

* Excellent for raising funds to

  support your network.

* Celebrating a birthday, we have  

  special themes and activities  

  just for this special ocassion.

* Event will run for 2 hours, with  a  

  30 minute prep time.



* We can help you raise awareness

  and funds for the charity of your


* Customize your event from a


  of themes.

* A minimum of 25 is required per




* Let us help you celebrate  your


* Stregthen your management structure.

*Build a bond with your employees.

* A minimum of 10 for corporate events.

Paint Socially 


* Great for a girls or guys night  


* Bored, need something to do.  

  Come hangout with us and

  make new friends.

* Don't need a reason to have fun-

  make it a "just because" night.

* Great for family time.

We provide Interactive Art entertainment for almost any budget and occasion. Our artist's are professional, friendly, and dependable. With our vast experience in providing entertainment for special events, we combine our extensive corporate management skills to decrease your turnover rate, strengthen your core team, build employee relations and provide entertainment that you never thought of. Let us help you plan a spectacular event that’ll have your guests raving for months.